Articles | Volume 59
27 Mar 2023
 | 27 Mar 2023

Contaminants in Urban Stormwater: Barcelona case study

Marc Teixidó, Diego Schmidlin, Jiaqi Xu, Laura Scheiber, Maria José Chesa, and Enric Vázquez-Suñé

Data sets

Contaminants in Urban Stormwater: Barcelona case study Teixidó, Marc; Schmidlin, Diego; Xu, Jiaqi ; Scheiber, Laura; Chesa, María José; Vazquez-Suñe, Enric

Short summary
Stormwater could augment our over-drafted urban groundwater resources. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to fully understand stormwater contaminant presence, transport, and fate in the built environment to design novel or improve conventional treatment systems. Preliminary results have confirmed presence of toxic metals in Barcelona urban runoff (with significant differences depending on the catchment areas), along with decreased metal concentrations at green infrastructure outlets.