Articles | Volume 56
14 Jan 2022
 | 14 Jan 2022

Day-ahead energy production in small hydropower plants: uncertainty-aware forecasts through effective coupling of knowledge and data

Korina-Konstantina Drakaki, Georgia-Konstantina Sakki, Ioannis Tsoukalas, Panagiotis Kossieris, and Andreas Efstratiadis

Data sets

Daily inflow and rainfall data Andreas Efstratiadis

Model code and software

corinadrakaki/Day-ahead-energy-production-in-small-hydropower-plants: (v1.0.1) Korina Konstantina Drakaki

Short summary
Since the problem of energy forecasting in SHPPs without storage capacity is little explored, we apply simple schemes to investigate: (a) the essential model structure and information; (b) the advantages of first using a flow forecasting model, instead of a direct energy forecasting; (c) the importance of rainfall data, as a proxy of the catchment state; (d) the training procedure and performance measure; and (e) the representation of predictive uncertainty and its practical interpretation.