Articles | Volume 42
Adv. Geosci., 42, 83–90, 2016
Adv. Geosci., 42, 83–90, 2016

  29 Aug 2016

29 Aug 2016

Relationships between tuna catch and variable frequency oceanographic conditions

Franklin Isaac Ormaza-González et al.

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Do sun spots influence the onset of ENSO and PDO events in the Pacific Ocean?
Franklin Isaac Ormaza-González and María Esther Espinoza-Celi
Ocean Sci. Discuss.,,, 2018
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Can small pelagic fish landings be used as predictors of high-frequency oceanographic fluctuations in the 1–2 El Niño region?
Franklin Isaac Ormaza-González, Alejandra Mora-Cervetto, Raquel María Bermúdez-Martínez, Mario Armando Hurtado-Domínguez, Manuel Raúl Peralta-Bravo, and Viviana Mariuxi Jurado-Maldonado
Adv. Geosci., 42, 61–72,,, 2016
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This Paper endeavors to find or understand the relationships between tuna landings and dramatic events as El Niño in the Central Eastern Pacific and visualize the impact of long term oscillations, like the Pacific decadal Oscillation (PDO). Here for the first time tuna landing, fish efforts and the El Niño indexes (ONI and MEI) are correlated to find how the later affect the tuna fishery. Special attention has been put on tuna landings in Ecuador.