Articles | Volume 58
08 Dec 2022
 | 08 Dec 2022

Numerical investigations to assess ground subsidence and fault reactivation during underground coal gasification

Mansour Hedayatzadeh, Vasilis Sarhosis, Torsten Gorka, Mária Hámor-Vidó, and István Kalmár

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Environmental hazard quantification toolkit based on modular numerical simulations
Morgan Tranter, Svenja Steding, Christopher Otto, Konstantina Pyrgaki, Mansour Hedayatzadeh, Vasilis Sarhosis, Nikolaos Koukouzas, Georgios Louloudis, Christos Roumpos, and Thomas Kempka
Adv. Geosci., 58, 67–76,,, 2022
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This paper presents the implementation of probabilistic analyses to assess environmental risks while improving the productivity of the in situ coal conversion process. Parametric modelling was employed for the Máza–Váralja (Hungary) coal deposit, and parameter uncertainty was undertaken to identify the potential risks to human health and the environment. The outputs of the parametric study focused on assessing reactor stability, fault integrity, surface subsidence, and hydraulic processes.