Articles | Volume 56
27 Oct 2021
 | 27 Oct 2021

Strength and Challenges of global model MPAS with regional mesh refinement for mid-latitude storm forecasting: a case study

Marc Imberger, Xiaoli Guo Larsén, and Neil Davis

Data sets

Approaches toward improving the modelling of mid-latitude cyclones entering at the lateral boundary corner in the limited area model WRF M. Imberger, X. Larsén, N. Davis, and J. Du

EMODnet Physics catalogue European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

Model code and software

Github repository for MPAS models an shared framework releases Los Alamos National Laboratory and National Center for Atmospheric Research

Short summary
Events like mid-latitude storms with their high winds have an impact on wind energy production and forecasting of such events is crucial. This study investigates the capabilities of a global weather prediction model MPAS and looks at how key parameters like storm intensity, arrival time and duration are represented compared to measurements and traditional methods. It is found that storm intensity is represented well while model drifts negatively influence estimation of arrival time and duration.