Articles | Volume 9
26 Sep 2006
26 Sep 2006

Integration of water balance models in RIVERTWIN

J. Götzinger, J. Jagelke, R. Barthel, and A. Bárdossy

Abstract. In the project RIVERTWIN climate, hydrologic, groundwater and water quality models are integrated in order to evaluate river basin management plans established for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. In such integrated models, which try to simulate all relevant processes in a river basin realistically, modelling of the water balance plays a key role. Therefore the integration of hydrological and groundwater models requires special attention. In this case study, the hydrological model simulates discharge and daily groundwater recharge in a high spatial resolution. Using the latter as input, the groundwater model calculates groundwater levels and groundwater runoff, which is then returned to the hydrological model. Such integration on the meso-scale brings up new problems such as commensurability, verification and compatibility of internal state variables and fluxes, but also provides the possibility to analyse the underlying assumptions and simplifications. As an example of this modelling approach the simulation of groundwater recharge, groundwater levels and groundwater runoff in the Neckar catchment are discussed and the problems of the current integration concept are described.