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27 Oct 2023
 | 27 Oct 2023

Assessment of canister degradation for the encapsulation of spent nuclear fuel: Key research issues encountered in recent regulatory reviews and government decision making in Sweden

Bo Strömberg, Elena Calota, Jinsong Liu, and Michael Egan

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Exploratory what-if analysis of some debated canister failure modes in the review of a licence application for the construction and operation of a spent nuclear fuel repository in Sweden
Bo Strömberg, Lena Sonnerfelt, and Henrik Öberg
Adv. Geosci., 49, 67–75,,, 2019
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In the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's (SSM) licensing review of the application to construct and operate a spent fuel repository at the Forsmark site various concerns related to canister degradation processes were brought up. Some of these concerns were initiated by stakeholders and independent scientists. This paper provides a brief summary of a selection of these concerns, and describes how they were dealt with in the review process.