Articles | Volume 40
10 Apr 2015
 | 10 Apr 2015

Significant technical advances in broadband seismic stations in the Lesser Antilles

A. Anglade, A. Lemarchand, J.-M. Saurel, V. Clouard, M.-P. Bouin, J.-B. De Chabalier, S. Tait, C. Brunet, A. Nercessian, F. Beauducel, R. Robertson, L. Lynch, M. Higgins, and J. Latchman

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Long-term deposition and condensation ice-nucleating particle measurements from four stations across the globe
Jann Schrod, Erik S. Thomson, Daniel Weber, Jens Kossmann, Christopher Pöhlker, Jorge Saturno, Florian Ditas, Paulo Artaxo, Valérie Clouard, Jean-Marie Saurel, Martin Ebert, Joachim Curtius, and Heinz G. Bingemer
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 15983–16006,,, 2020
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The INSIEME seismic network: a research infrastructure for studying induced seismicity in the High Agri Valley (southern Italy)
Tony Alfredo Stabile, Vincenzo Serlenga, Claudio Satriano, Marco Romanelli, Erwan Gueguen, Maria Rosaria Gallipoli, Ermann Ripepi, Jean-Marie Saurel, Serena Panebianco, Jessica Bellanova, and Enrico Priolo
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 519–538,,, 2020
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Modernization of an arc scale seismic network in the Lesser Antilles.