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01 Apr 2014
 | 01 Apr 2014

Relative role of bed roughness change and bed erosion on peak discharge increase in hyperconcentrated floods

W. Li, Z. B. Wang, D. S. van Maren, H. J. de Vriend, and B. S. Wu

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Synoptic observations of sediment transport and exchange mechanisms in the turbid Ems Estuary: the EDoM campaign
Dirk S. van Maren, Christian Maushake, Jan-Willem Mol, Daan van Keulen, Jens Jürges, Julia Vroom, Henk Schuttelaars, Theo Gerkema, Kirstin Schulz, Thomas H. Badewien, Michaela Gerriets, Andreas Engels, Andreas Wurpts, Dennis Oberrecht, Andrew J. Manning, Taylor Bailey, Lauren Ross, Volker Mohrholz, Dante M. L. Horemans, Marius Becker, Dirk Post, Charlotte Schmidt, and Petra J. T. Dankers
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 53–73,,, 2023
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