Articles | Volume 10
26 Apr 2007
26 Apr 2007

Separation of convective and stratiform precipitation for a precipitation analysis of the local model of the German Weather Service

I. Langer and E. Reimer

Abstract. An improved independent precipitation data set with the horizontal resolution of 7×7 km grid over central Europe was generated (Free University of Berlin (FUB)-precipitation analysis). For scale dependent evaluation of the Local model (LM) of the German Weather service, the precipitation data were separated into convective and stratiform fractions. To analyse precipitation amounts an interpolation scheme is used which contains the data set of "present weather" (ww), rain gauges and cloud types from the WMO-network in hourly resolution from the year 1992 until 2004 together with satellite cloud types derived from Meteosat-7 data. The structural analyses of cloud classes from satellite data as well as clouds from the synoptic observations were used to develop a statistical interpolation procedure to build up an independent precipitation analysis in resolution corresponding to the LM grid.