Articles | Volume 39
01 Apr 2014
 | 01 Apr 2014

Study on hydraulic resistance of erodible bed at the Chiyoda experimental flume

T. Kakinuma, T. Inoue, R. Akahori, and A. Takeda

Abstract. The authors made erodible bed experiments under steady flow condition at the Chiyoda Experimental Flume, a large-scale facility constructed on the floodplain of the Tokachi River, and observed sand waves on the bed of the flume. In this study, the characteristics of the sand waves are examined along the longitudinal survey lines and confirmed to be dunes. Next, the authors estimated Manning's roughness coefficients from the observed hydraulic values and assumed that the rise of the coefficients attributed to the sand wave development. Finally, vertical flow distribution on the sand waves are examined, and observed velocity distribution on the crest of waves found to be explained by the logarithmic distribution theory.