Articles | Volume 36
25 Sep 2013
 | 25 Sep 2013

Identification of response and timing issues at permanent European broadband stations from automated data analysis

C. Weidle, R. A. Soomro, L. Cristiano, and T. Meier

Abstract. We apply automated two-station broadband phase velocity dispersion measurements to all available broadband data from permanent seismic stations in Europe, as available through the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA, infrastructure. As part of our quality control we detect several typical patterns in our measurements that can be related to technical problems, incorrect metadata information or uncover inconsistencies in data processing routines. These effects include timing and various response issues, most prominently erroneous response information. Our procedure is thus able to identify potentially problematic (meta)data from a large set of seismic data and offers an applicable way to increase data quality at data centers.