Articles | Volume 34
30 Apr 2013
 | 30 Apr 2013

Improvement of broadband seismic station installations at the Observatoire de Grenoble (OSUG) seismic network

M. Langlais, B. Vial, and O. Coutant

Abstract. We describe in this paper different improvements that were brought to the installation of seismic broadband stations deployed by the Observatoire de Grenoble (OSUG) in the northern French Alps. This work was realized in the frame of a French-Italian ALCOTRA project (RISE), aimed at modernizing the broadband seismic networks across our common border. We had the opportunity with this project to improve some of our seismic recording sites, both in term of sensor installation quality, and in term of reliability. We detail in particular the thermal and barometric protection system that we designed and show its effect on the reduction of long period noise above 20 s.