Articles | Volume 23
10 Mar 2010
 | 10 Mar 2010

Study of the rain intensity in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece

C. M. Philandras, P. T. Nastos, A. G. Paliatsos, and C. C. Repapis

Abstract. In this study, the mean rain intensity (mm/h) in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, is examined during the period 1930–2007. The daily meteorological data were acquired from the meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens (Thissio) and the University Campus of Thessaloniki. These stations have recorded the longest and reliable daily rain time series in Greece.

The trends of the annual and seasonal mean, as well as the maximum rain intensity, are analyzed. On the one hand, all of the time series in Athens present higher figures of mean rain intensity during the period 1990–2007 compared to the period 1930–1990. On the other hand, regarding the time series in Thessaloniki, the mean rain intensity remains in lower level than the respective one in Athens without significant trend at the Confidence Level (CL) 95%. As far as the annual and seasonal maximum rain intensity is concerned, similar patterns appear. However, the summer maximum rain intensity in Thessaloniki remains at higher levels till 1970's. The atmospheric circulation patterns for the extreme rain intensities show intense negative anomalies centred over Greece and positive anomalies to the north, with centre over Scandinavia.