Articles | Volume 23
22 Nov 2010
 | 22 Nov 2010

Tropopause and jetlet characteristics in relation to thunderstorm development over Cyprus

A. Orphanou, K. Nicolaides, D. Charalambous, P. Lingis, and S. C. Michaelides

Abstract. In the present study, the monthly statistical characteristics of jetlet and tropopause in relation to the development of thunderstorms over Cyprus are examined. For the needs of the study the 12:00 UTC radiosonde data obtained from the Athalassa station (33.4° E, 35.1° N) for an 11-year period, from 1997 till 2007, were employed. On the basis of this dataset, the height and the temperature of the tropopause, as well as the height, wind direction and speed of the jetlet were estimated. Additionally, the days in the above period with observed thunderstorms were selected and the aforementioned characteristics of the jetlet and tropopause were noted. The two data sets were subsequently contrasted in an attempt to identify possible relations between thunderstorm development, on the one hand, and tropopause and jetlet characteristics, on the other hand.