Articles | Volume 2
04 Jul 2005
04 Jul 2005

Assessing the potential of SWVI (Soil Wetness Variation Index) for hydrological risk monitoring by means of satellite microwave observations

T. Lacava, M. Greco, E. V. Di Leo, G. Martino, N. Pergola, F. Romano, F. Sannazzaro, and V. Tramutoli

Abstract. In the last years satellite remote sensing applications in hydrology have considerably progressed. A new multi-temporal satellite data-analysis approach has been recently suggested in order to estimate space-time changes of geophysical parameters possibly related to the increase of environmental and hydro-geological hazards. Such an approach has been already used both for flooded area mapping (using AVHRR data) and for soil wetness index estimation (using AMSU data).

In this work, a preliminary sensitivity analysis of the proposed Soil Wetness Variation Index (SWVI) is made in the case of low intensity meteorological events by the comparison with hydrological (precipitation) data. This analysis, as a first step of a more complex work in progress, is targeted to a first evaluation of the reliability of the SWVI in describing soil response to precipitations of different duration and intensity.