Articles | Volume 53
11 Jun 2020
 | 11 Jun 2020

An investigation of accessible and inclusive instructional field practices in US geoscience departments

Ivan G. Carabajal and Christopher L. Atchison

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Access Anglesey 2018: Lessons from an inclusive field course
Jacqueline J. Houghton, Daniel J. Morgan, Clare E. Gordon, Alison Stokes, Christopher L. Atchison, Trevor D. Collins, Benjamin Craven, and Katy Willis
Adv. Geosci., 53, 183–194,,, 2020
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This study sought to understand how geoscience departments are supporting students with disabilities in field-based learning experiences. Eleven accessible and inclusive teaching practices were identified and evaluated based on qualitative survey responses from over 160 geoscience departments in the United States. The outcomes of this study offer practical suggestions for providing accessible and inclusive field experiences for students with disabilities.